Biomathematics may be defined as the combined application of Biology and Mathematics to better understand any kind of biological or physiological process through mathematical modelling.

Biomathematics allow us to predict the time evolution of biological phenomena through mathematical modelling and numerical simulations.

Mathematical models are powerful tools that are useful to predict the time evolution of biological or physiological systems in scenarios difficult or even impossible to explore in real life. Hence, the advantage of a model relies in the fact that it allows for a mathematical analysis to be performed in order to understand the main parameters involved in its dynamics in both short and long-term.

With the latter in mind, BioMath was established to analyze and to model complex biological dynamics that can be described by first order ordinary differential equations, such as cancer, pharmacokinetics, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, heart diseases, and many more. Our banner and words are presented below.


BioMath’s purpose is to encourage the study of Biomathematics so that the new generations of engineers have the necessary knowledge to biologically interpret mathematical results in a way that can be applied by the medical community to better comprehend the evolution of complex biological phenomena.

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